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Wow what a crazy time we have been through with a global pandemic!

It's been a long 14 or so months that we have been in and out of lockdown. We've lost loved ones, suffered health and mental health issues, lost jobs and livelyhoods and seen so many industries suffer to the point of collapse, live music was no exception.

My heart goes out to all who have suffered throughout and I send you all so much love xxx

It seems there is light at the end of this horrific tunnel and slowly as the restrictions are easing and the virus spread is seemingly under control people are beginning to get back to as normal a life as they can.

I am so thankful that the music industry is starting to bounce back, though i do think it will be a long while before things are fully recovered.

Over the lockdown I've been so blessed to continue working on musical projects including co-writing and singing on a couple of albums with incredible musicians and doing many a lockdown video collaboration with wonderfully talented folk that I'm so proud to know and have the pleasure of working with.

The first album is from the fantastic George Anderson (Shakatak's bass player) called Songs From Tomorrow on Secret Records. It's his 5th solo album that I've been honoured to co-write and sing both lead and backing vocals.

You can find this on all the usual download sites and also from George's website:

The second album is from a wonderful keys player Dimitris Dimopoulos called Take Me Out Tonight on Splash Records. This is released on the 11th June this year.

Pre order from:

Check out my albums page for all the details :)

If you'd like to come and see me live I have a few public gigs in the coming months with various bands and artists... click on Public Gigs for more info. 

I would love to see you all... it's been way too long!!! Let's support live music and help it get back on it's feet again. How much we have all missed it huh!

In the mean time I hope you enjoy the music and will continue to let you know news and bits and pieces I've got coming up.

I wish you all well and hope that this really is the beginning of the end of an incredibly tough year and a half.

See you all soon xxx